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Air - Smog leads to acid oceans, seas and rivers

Blue Growth - The quest for sustainable maritime transport and ocean economy - A to Z Links

Cruising - Zero Carbon cruising holidays

Deep Sea -

EGYPES - Egypt's energy exhibition and conferences, Cairo, February 2024

EU Mission European clean water challenge 2030

Fossil Fuels -

Green principles -

Hydrogen - The sustainable wonder fuel

Ignorance is Bliss -

Jules Verne - Hydrogen Trophy JVH2

Kulo Luna - Creative ocean awareness campaign

Liquid Hydrogen



Oceans A to Z

Orange Growth - Sustainable tourism, holidays, river & coastal cruises

Oxygen - O2

Planet Earth

Queen of the Nile - Cleopatra themed river cruise ship, solar & hydrogen powered

Rivers A to Z - Cleanest and most polluted

Seas A to Z

Transport - Zero Carbon, sustainable mobility



Water Cycle - The staff of life - Shortage & Toxins


Yes We Can - Lower you carbon footrpints

Zero Carbon - Vs zero emission and lower carbon footprints



"Freedom From Fossil Fuels"



The Foundation aims to increase public awareness, hence ocean literacy, via a creative campaign to feature the Elizabeth Swann as a high-tech hydrogen ship, beginning with Kulo Luna. Kulo-Luna is a story about a humpback whale that has ingested plastic garbage and gets entangled in ghost fishing gear, rescued by the Captain of a zero emission ship, or ZEWT.




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  Freedom From Fossil Fuels"


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